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Process and Energy Structural and Civil Engineering Services

Armstrong Elliott is able to offer Specialist Structural and Civil Engineering consultancy services to the Process and Energy sectors. Our people have experience across a broad range of design, inspection, supervision and contract administration roles. In collaboration with client organisations we are able to access Structural and Civil Engineering design requirements and produce robust solutions which minimise operational risks and deliver economies to the fabrication, installation and construction process.

Our chartered Civil Engineers have experience delivering certifiable Structural and Civil Engineering Solutions to DNV, Lloyds and bespoke client organisation design standards in offshore and onshore environments. We seek to engage customer and supplier organisations throughout the project development and implementation cycle to ensure our Structural and Civil Engineering solutions are coordinated with wider development objectives to address specific field, operational, installation and construction constraints.

Our people have expert knowledge and experience in the following areas:

Structural and Civil Engineering Analysis

  • Static and Dynamic Frame and Connection Analysis
  • Dynamic Impact Analysis
  • Lifting Operations
  • Foundation and Geotechnical Design

Offshore Topside

  • Deck Structures
  • Accommodation and Container Modules
  • Lifting Frames and Operations
  • Bridge and Flare Boom Structures

Offshore Subsea

  • Protection Systems, Blocks, Mats, Grillages
  • Foundation and Geotechnical Design


  • Process, Operational and Office Building Structures
  • Site Infrastructure, Drainage and Ground Modelling
  • Retaining Walls and Culverts
  • Foundations and Geotechnical Solutions
  • Pipe Rack Structures
  • Blast Protection Structures and Foundations
  • Procurement, Supervision and Contract Administration